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Sur Ron Ultra Bee Specific Damper !!

Since the growing worldwide success of electric dirt bikes, EXT saw the opportunity to take their extraordinary decades-long know-how on MX suspensions inside this new world, implementing custom solutions to achieve the highest performance for the consumer. EXT brought years of MX suspension experience to introduce the new REA-MX, a dedicated damper design for the Sur-Ron Ultra Bee.

The design boosts a large 40 mm piston with 16 mm rod, including the famous EXT – HBC externally adjustable technology to allow maximum stroke capacity, a dedicated 3-way compression valve design, high flow piston design, low friction seals and guiding system, all mounted with spherical high-load bearings, large reservoir and super tunable spec.
Very light-weight, with special ultra super-light springs!

This is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock shock on your Sur Ron Ultra Bee.

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