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Sur Ron LBX OE Replacement Motor w/ Hall Sensor

Sur Ron LBX OE Replacement Motor w/ Hall Sensor

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This is a factory OEM replacement motor for the Sur Ron LBX and Segway X260 including earlier production bikes where the motors have different serial numbers. We have also swapped these motors into the smaller bikes (Segway X160 and Sur Ron LBS) with no issue, the only difference being these more powerful motors are physically wider than the stock motors on those bikes, but these will still fit and are a good way to pack more power and torque into the smaller bikes. You can even use one as the basis of a full custom build and go hog wild.

Why choose OEM instead of upgrading? We’re not going to lie to you, it ain’t cheap to upgrade your motor, and sometimes it’s just not necessary. Upgraded motors are a huge improvement for Sur Ron and Segway e-bikes, but you have a steep cost of entry and time invested into tuning the thing before your tires can even hit the ground. The OEM motor is great if you’re casually commuting, riding bike lanes and gentle trails, or really doing anything besides pushing the bike’s limits like you would with stunting or racing. So if you don’t need the added power and complexity of an upgraded motor, save the money and stick with stock.

  • OEM replacement motor for Sur Ron LBX and Segway X260
  • Can retrofit into Sur Ron Light Bee S, Segway X160, and custom builds
  • Hardware not included
  • Motor has approx. 15 miles of use before removing
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